Happy Thanksgiving everyone! If you’ve followed along with my blog or instagram for any amount of time, then it’s no secret that Madewell is my favorite place to shop. For the next 3 days, they are having 25% off your entire purchase with the code ‘DONTSTRESS’, with is pretty unheard of since their clothes can be on the pricey end of the spectrum but are the best quality clothes I’ve ever owned. I’ve already shopped the sale, so I’m sharing what I purchased, items that I already own (and love!) that are on sale, as well as additional items that are on my wishlist. Keep a lookout for me to style the items I snagged on the blog here soon!

Items I purchased from the sale:

Items I already own and LOVE:

My never-ending Madewell wishlist:



Cowl Neck Sweater | High-Waisted Denim | Cognac Slides (similar) | Madewell Sunnies (similar) | Transport Tote

Thanksgiving is upon us and I will say every year I struggle with what to wear. I want something that is cute, but also loose fitting enough for that extra piece of pie. Between this adorable cowl neck sweater and extra high waisted jeans, I’ve got you covered! Continue reading

Grey Chambray Top (c/o) | Taupe Sweater Cardigan (c/o) | High Waisted Denim | Cognac Booties (similar) | Transport Tote | Bandana

There’s few things that are better than an easy outfit to transition from work to dinner + drinks! Usually there’s not much time to get ready for impromptu dinner plans after a long day, so these gorgeous layers make it simple! Today I’m sharing with you my go-to look as well as some of my favorite current accessories. I’ve got you covered with my new favorite online shop- Chicory Lane Boutique!

Continue reading

Layering is my favorite part of having cooler, fall temps. There’s nothing better than a cozy knit paired with a utility vest. It’s always a good idea to have some cute sweaters on hand for the season, that are affordable yet still high quality. Today I’m sharing my favorite look for fall, along with this gorgeous sweater from Gray Monroe. Continue reading

Today I’m sharing this cozy fall look that I wore last weekend. Not only is this look so comfy, but the pieces are so versatile and can easily be layered which is perfect for this time of year. I’m sure that the cold weather is here to stay this time, so layers will be my go-to in the coming months. Continue reading

It’s finally starting to feel like fall.. amiright?! With fall always comes a virus. The type of virus that makes us want to buy all the fall clothes. Do you know what I’m talking about? This past year I’ve tried my best to really be intentional about my purchases. But in all seriousness, I haven’t been perfect when it comes to a minimalist wardrobe. Yes I got rid of 70% of my closet, purchased a few key items, and still feel frustrated sometimes. I get in creative funks where I don’t like anything in my closet and can’t make an outfit for the life of me. I have days where I walk past madewell and come out with an item that I didn’t even know I needed. We ALL have those days. Today I want to share THREE questions that I ask myself before I purchase an item for my wardrobe. I’m no means an expert at minimalism or fashion but these three concepts have really helped me in my journey to an intentional closet.  Continue reading

This look is all about comfort! Between the cozy sweater and my favorite jeans, I could wear this all fall + winter. Something about this outfit makes me crave a warm apple cider! I love everything about this time of year and want my outfits to reflect it. I’ll take all the comfy sweaters + fall boots! I wore this outfit for brunch and other birthday festivities this past Saturday. If you want to follow along with my daily life, outfits, and pictures of my dog, be sure to follow me on InstagramContinue reading

There’s so many things that I love about fall but by far my favorite is putting together fall outfits! What’s great about this one is you can easily adjust it as the temperature cools- layering it with a cardigan and throwing on some ankle boots. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I styled this outfit for work, but it can easily be for everyday wear. Continue reading

I’m so happy to be back in the blogging world! Instead of doing super formal outfit posts, I want to share real life outfits that I’m actually wearing. I always want to keep it real with you guys, and in my opinion, this is the best way to do it! I rummaged around in my closet this past weekend and threw this outfit together just in time for dinner and drinks! You’ll definitely be seeing these pieces again remixed in future real outfit posts. Continue reading

Hey friends! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Today I’m sharing 15 ways to show you care. Not all these ideas have to be for a husband or significant other- some can be for a friend, galentine, or family member. I hope these ideas get you thinking outside the box to make someone’s day special. Not everyone loves Valentine’s Day, and this could be a perfect opportunity to make someone’s day for the better!

  1. Send Flowers to a Friend- If you have a friend that’s going through a tough time or doesn’t have a significant other, send her a bouquet of her favorite flowers to let her know you’re thinking of her. If flowers are out of the budget, send her a valentine’s card in the mail!
  2. Make a Meal For Your Spouse/Boyfriend– Guys, I don’t know about you, but Alex loves to eat and I hate cooking. Food is definitely a part of his love language.
  3. Speaking of Love Languages– Learn the love language of your spouse, friends, etc. When you know what makes them feel most important, it really helps when trying to make a nice gesture. If your husband’s love language is quality time, going to a game of his favorite sports team or attending a cooking class might mean more to him than buying him a sweater.
  4. Bake Some Treats– If you have the time, invite some of your friends to bake some valentine’s treats with you! Otherwise, you can make a plate of goodies to drop off at their place as a surprise.
  5. Offer to Babysit– Do some of your friends have kids? Offer to watch their babies so they can enjoy a valentine’s date!
  6. Surprise your Spouse with a New Experience– Maybe it’s taking a weekend trip to a city you’ve never visited, or something as simple as trying out a new local restaurant. Trying new things together is something that you should never stop doing!
  7. Host Galentine’s Day– This one would be tough for me, because my friends live all over the place and not many are local. If you’re fortunate enough to have most of your friends live in the city, host a galentine’s get together!
  8. Small Jar of Goodies– hit up the Target dollar spot for some cute + inexpensive gifts for your friends + coworkers! For example, you could get some fuzzy socks, nail polish, and a mug of cocoa for the perfect cozy DIY gift!
  9. FaceTime Date– Like I said before, very few of my friends live local so sometimes you just need to utilize FaceTime. One of my friends temporarily moved across the country so we always like to set up our FaceTime chats.
  10. Be Intentional About Your Words– This really applies to all the people in your life, but for me I’m definitely working on it with my husband. Sometimes it’s so easy to just say something without even thinking of how it might make the other person feel. Take your time to respond to situations, especially when you don’t see eye to eye.
  11. Girl’s Day– Okay my mom and I do this all the time, but Valentine’s is the perfect time to take your mom, friend, sister, or sister-in-law, and have a girl’s day to get pedicures!
  12. Make a List + Pray– Seriously make a list of all the important people in your life, and jot down a few notes. Maybe something is happening in their life that needs prayer at the moment. Go through the list of all your important people and pray for them. Prayer can move mountains!
  13. Be an Intentional Gifter– If you pay close attention, you will pick up on gift ideas for your significant other. Whether they complain about their favorite shoes showing signs of wear or see a jacket they like while you’re out and about, jot it down in your phone. It’s so much easier to have a handful of gift ideas that you know they will love!
  14. DIY it!– Maybe you don’t have a ton of money to spend on a gift and that is okay! One of my favorite gifts from my husband was a book of bible verses to help me when I’m stressed or anxious. Pinterest has a ton of DIY ideas and don’t be afraid to make it your own
  15. Get Some Pictures Done– Maybe you have a friend that has a nice camera or is a photographer. Get some fun pictures at a coffee shop or in the snow. Pictures are priceless, and it doesn’t have to be a big occasion like your wedding just to get them done.

I hope that these 15 ideas can help every person in your life feel special and loved. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s to use these ideas either, you can modify some of them to be used year round! I hope you all have the best weekend.

What are your Valentine’s plans?

Love Always,

Ashley J.