Newlywed Christmas Traditions

image1 (7).JPGOne of the many exciting things about being newly married is being able to start your own traditions around the holidays. It’s so much fun to have a blank canvas and to create new and exciting memories. Around Christmas, the date night ideas are endless because there is so much to do! Whether you’re newly married, or dating, these can be fun ideas to do with your significant other!

  1. Hot Cocoa & Board Games

The best part about this date is that it’s free! I’m quite a scrabble lover, so any chance I can get my husband to play a game of scrabble, I am one happy wife! This is a great idea for just a low key night at home. This is also a great option for having friends over!

2. Christmas Tree Festivals

There are so many festivals to go to around this time of year. It’s so much fun to have a night out to enjoy the beautiful trees with your significant other. You can also get some decorating ideas for your own christmas tree.

3. Volunteering

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season that it can be easy to forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas. Being the hands and feet of Jesus is what this time of year and life in general is all about. Setting aside a few hours to volunteer as a couple can make a huge difference in someone’s life, and usually you end up learning something along the way.

4. Cookie Decorating

We are so excited to make some cookies this year! This is another way that you can really bless others. Taking time out of your day to deliver some goodies to your friends, family, or someone in need can really change their day for the better.

5. Visit a local bakery to try a holiday treat

This weekend, we are planning on going to a local bakery and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s so much fun to try one of their seasonal treats! Look up places near you & go try them out!

6. PJ’s & Christmas Movie Marathon

Seriously I would watch Elf ten times in a row if hubs would watch it with me! Compile a list of your favorite christmas movies and make a night of it! If you want to kick it up a notch make a blanket fort to watch them in.

7. Visit a local toy store

It’s seriously a blast going through the toys and showing your spouse what you loved as a kid! Grab a Starbucks and head to your past favorite toy store.

8. Make a festive dinner for two & talk about what you’re thankful for

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to talk about your blessings. Making a home cooked meal together and sharing your thoughts can make for a wonderful evening!

9. Stocking Stuffers

Head over to Target, split up in the store, and pick out a couple Β of small items to fill each other’s Christmas stockings! This in no way has to be expensive and the more creative the better. Set aside a small budget and have fun!

10. Ornaments

I love one of the traditions that Alex’s family had growing up. Each year all of the siblings would pick out an ornament, and my mother-in-law would write down the year and who picked it out on the back of each one. We won’t be having kiddos anytime soon but we loved starting this tradition for just the two of us. It will be so much fun to look back over the years and remember the wonderful memories associated with each ornament.

I hope that I was able to give you some fun and creative ideas to make Christmas memorable. I tried my hardest to think outside the box while still including some holiday favorites. Be sure to comment and let me know what your favorite holiday tradition is!

Merry Christmas!

Love always,

Ashley J.

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  1. britt Anne says:

    Ooh I love a good game of Scrabble! I’m a serious spelling nerd ;p. Watching the Charlie Brown Christmas special is a tradition in my family, after decorating the tree. My hubs wants to make cutting our own tree down a tradition, since it was the first time we did it this year. Did you see my post on it? I have some cute pics of our son at the tree farm. It’s a wonderful time.

  2. Love all of these ideas! I’ve been looking to get more into the Christmas spirit with my boyfriend, we will definitely have to try these. We have been on top of number 6 though, we’ve been watching Christmas movies since around Thanksgiving πŸ™‚ My bf loves Elf too!

  3. These are some great ideas. My husband and I have started a tradition where we pick up ornaments whenever we go on a trip so our tree is filled with memories we’ve shared together.

  4. sarahpratley says:

    These are such cute ideas! Love the idea of staying in and playing board games πŸ™‚ and my family and I always pick out a new tree decoration every year each, it’s so fun to look back on our old ones through the years! x

  5. Super cute!

    I think that is one thing that I neglected to do as a newly wed….start traditions with the hubby. Before we knew it was baby #1 and everything has revolved around them. I like the hot cocoa and games and PJs and Christmas movies…..I might have to borrow one of those πŸ™‚

  6. Aww this is all a bit cute!
    That’s the best things about being newlyweds during the festive season – you get to come up with your own takes on holidays and start new traditions.

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