When “Maintaining the Image” Doesn’t Satisfy

Everywhere you look, it’s not hard to find all sorts of blogs that start to look the same. Covering about the same topics, deals, and latest trends. Not that there is anything wrong by this, but I’ve felt lately God pushing me to go outside of my comfort zone & do something differently.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion & outfits just as much as the next girl. A huge portion of Love Always, Ashley J is dedicated to outfit posts because I love doing them. But is that what I want to only be known for? Nothing has been more rewarding than getting emails from past posts, thanking me for opening up about a topic that somebody else could relate to. Not being known for just keeping up with trends but being the hands and feet of Jesus is what I want to be known for.

Everyone, including myself, seeks approval. Everyone wants to fit in whether it be at work, school, or in the blogging community. People say things, do things, or even buy things just for the sole purpose of achieving approval from others. Everywhere you turn, you see other’s successes that you wish you could have for yourself. The funny thing about this is, Jesus wants us to love others & celebrate their successes. This has been a HUGE deal for me in 2016, and something that doesn’t come to me easily. I’m still working on this every day, but it’s amazing what changes happen in your heart when you learn to genuinely be happy for another person & not count their success as your failure.

But the thing is friends, I am just me. I’m no where near perfect, I stumble and fall, I’ve gained weight, I have anxiety, I’ve been hurt & hurt others deeply, I’ve broken off friendships insteading of fixing them, I get easily jealous. But the best thing about it is, I don’t have to be perfect to share my heart with you. I would rather have a blog with 10 followers where I encourage and inspire others than thousands of followers with my space having surface level content.

So moving forward, I’d love to make these type of conversations more frequent here. I will of course be covering fashion & other topics I love, but I also want to create a place where you feel encouraged, uplifted or can even ask for prayer. That’s why I’ve started #AshleyJTuesdayTalks. A few Tuesdays a month, I will be posting about different topics whether it be faith, marriage, friendship, stuggles, etc. Doing this won’t be easy. Being more open about things like this risks being judged by others, but I believe that encouraging others by my imperfect story is just what I’m called to do.

Love Always,

Ashley J.

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10 Responses to When “Maintaining the Image” Doesn’t Satisfy

  1. Great post! Cant wait to see whats to come… 🙂

  2. Love this! So courageous – I look forward to reading!

  3. hhardydawson says:

    I love this post. Setting your blog apart and being remembered for that post that isn’t related to your “genre” is what will make people come back to your site. I love your “off topic” posts. I get to know more about you and I’ve found that we have a lot in common. I’m so glad you wrote this. I’ve had some other ideas for posts outside of fashion and beauty, but I haven’t posted them because they are so deeply personal. We all have our own story and there’s no need to hide it. We are who we are and you’re amazing. I’m so glad blogging brought us together!

    • lovealwaysashleyj says:

      Thank you so much Hannah! I’m so happy that you like them- I love sharing whatever is on my heart and those type of posts are always the most fulfilling to write! I definitely recommend keeping your ideas in a notebook and when the time is right you can share! I have a whole notebook full of ideas but may only post some of them because I don’t like to share too far beyond my comfort zone & that’s okay! It’s amazing what God can do through our stories! I’m so happy for our blogging friendship & you are such a blessing to me!

  4. Gina says:

    I LOVE this and can’t wait to follow along !

    • lovealwaysashleyj says:

      Thank you so much Gina! I’m definitely looking forward to writing more about new topics 🙂

  5. Nicole says:

    Good for you Ashley and the best satisfaction is knowing you helped or encouraged someone else. ??
    xo, Nicole

    • lovealwaysashleyj says:

      Thanks Nicole! It is really a great feeling & I love writing about things that mean a lot to me 🙂

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