What I Wore 10.5.17

This look is all about comfort! Between the cozy sweater and my favorite jeans, I could wear this all fall + winter. Something about this outfit makes me crave a warm apple cider! I love everything about this time of year and want my outfits to reflect it. I’ll take all the comfy sweaters + fall boots! I wore this outfit for brunch and other birthday festivities this past Saturday. If you want to follow along with my daily life, outfits, and pictures of my dog, be sure to follow me on Instagram

For styling tips, I’ve really learned to pay attention to proportions. Meaning if I have a looser fitting sweater such a this one, pairing it with a pair of tighter high rise jeans is more flattering then pairing it with a looser boyfriend jean. Long necklaces are also my favorite to style with a crew neck sweater.

One another note, this week has been a tough one. With all the negative happening in the world. let’s spread kindness this week. Pay for someone’s coffee, extend grace to someone at work that normally makes your patience run thin, love your family + friends well, or reach out to that friend you haven’t talked to in a while. A little love can go a long way.



Sweater (exact) | High-Rise Jeans (exact) | Blakely Necklace (exact) | Boots (exact) | Transport Tote (exact)

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  1. This is basically my everyday uniform – but my hair never looks quite this good. Damn, girl!

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