What I Wore 12.02.17

Sweater Cardigan (exact) | V-neck Cami (exact) | High Waisted Denim (exact) | Chelsea Boots (exact) | Crossbody Bag (exact) | Sunglasses (similar)

You know when you get that feeling that you’ll definitely be wearing the same outfit over + over again?! Well this look gave me all those feels! This look is basically the definition of my style at the moment: neutral, effortless, and simple.

I wore this look this past Saturday. A day with no plans ended up being busier than I had originally expected- this outfit stayed comfortable yet put together for the entire day. Running errands for the blog + Christmas shopping is no joke! Once I find a look that’s comfortable yet trendy, I know I’ll be wearing some version of the same outfit again.

Real Talk– a put together outfit does not equal a put together life. I always want to keep it real on here and these last few months have been an emotional rollercoaster for me. I’ve found myself so many times thinking if I had just done this or that maybe things would have turn out differently. Or if I achieved ___ goal then maybe I would be happier, and have my life together. I had someone tell me once that in real life that I’m not as put together as I appear on social media. At the time I was caught off guard by it, but now I laugh because there’s so much truth in that statement. I never want anyone to read my blog or scroll my social media and think I have my sh** together, because I’m so far from it. So love yourself and be proud of who you are. If someone doesn’t appreciate that, their lack of approval doesn’t define you. I just wanted to encourage you + let y’all know that we’re in this together!



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