Winter Sweater Styling

Chunky Knit Sweater (exact) | Faux Leather Jacket (similar) | High Waisted Denim (exact) | Bandana (exact) | Cognac Mules (similar)

Putting together a pinterest-worthy look in the wintertime is easier said than done, am i right? Once the temperatures really drop, all I feel like wearing is a oversized sweatshirt and joggers all day every day. I’m sharing a few tips I use to feel put together, without sacrificing the much needed warmth and comfort that this season requires.

tip #1: Layers are your best friend

The one positive thing about this time of year is that it’s so much easier to create a wearable, layered look without overheating.

tip #2: Textures add much needed detail

I’ve really been focusing in on mixing textures this season. The chunky knit + faux leather combo is one I’ve been going to! No shame in the outfit repeating game 😉

tip #3: Don’t forget the third piece

The rule of the third piece is a simple, yet effective way to finish off any look. Add statement earrings, a bracelet stack or set of mid-rings. My third piece of choice is a bandana #gofigure



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  1. Connor says:

    Not only is your sweater styled so cute but those your shoes are beautiful!!

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