Tips for a Versatile Wardrobe + The Coziest Pullover

I can’t tell you how many times in the past I’ve stared at a closet full of clothes but felt I had nothing to wear. It seemed I had acquired a collection of clothes that had no rhyme or reason. I didn’t have a feel for my style so I tried all the styles and failed miserably. Can anyone else relate?! I’m sharing 5 tips I’ve learned over the past few years to curate a closet you’ll love and share all the details about this look!

  1. Narrow down your color palette
    • My past purchases used to be all over the place. Palette wise, my wardrobe would be described as rainbow! If you don’t believe me, you should see some of my pictures from middle and high school. Knowing your palette (but not always having to stick to it strictly) will help you make more informed decisions when to comes time to purchase. I would describe my palette as black, white, greys, camel, navy and olive. Yes I do have a few pieces that aren’t on that spectrum, but honestly they tend to get the least amount of wear.
  2. Know where to shop
    • Knowing those few brands that make high quality pieces will make all the difference in your wardrobe. There’s nothing more disappointing than wearing a sweater once, then having it fall apart in the washer. One of my favorite brands as of recent is ABLE. I love their high quality pieces and the fact that they are ethically made and support a great cause. Next on my wishlist is a pair of their denim!
  3. Find your style icons
    • Friends this is where the beautiful world of blogging comes in. Over the past few years, I’ve personally looked up to Caroline Joy Rector and Moriah Murrell. I’m not saying to copy anyone, but find those ladies whose style you love, and use it as a template to make a look all your own.
  4. Two or more ways to wear it
    • Considering a new trend that’s “in” this season? Step back and ask yourself, do you have at least two ways to style it with the items from your wardrobe? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying to never try new trends. Just make sure you have the items on hand to style it, so it doesn’t end up getting lost in the back of your closet. Having your collection of high quality basics (I also refer to as wardrobe staples) will make styling an on trend piece that much easier.
  5. Never underestimate the power of denim
    •  I used to never invest in quality jeans since I believed an outfit could simply be created by a statement top. I was so wrong! I’ve recently invested in some great quality denim (multiple washes + distressed/non distressed, all high waisted of course) and have learned what a statement the right pair can make. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on the right pair of denim, all mine have already paid for themselves by the number of times I’ve worn them!

I want to take a moment to rave about this gorgeous pullover from ABLE. I’ve talked about them previously on Instagram stories, but wanted to share with you again. On my most recent trip to Nashville, I had the opportunity to visit their store in person! Not only do I love their clothes and accessories, but the mission that they stand for. Their platform is to empower women who have overcome. You can read all about their mission here.

The ABLE team is offering free shipping to my followers until the end of January! Cross some items off your wishlist and use code ‘ASHLEYJ’ on your ABLE purchase!

If you learned a trick or two from this post, drop me a comment. I hope you’ll check out ABLE’s website and pick up some goodies for yourself! You deserve it!



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