20 Encouraging Tips For Self Care

I’m tired of settling, period. I’m tired of running on empty and just getting by until Friday, what about you? This year I’ve set out on some lofty intentions, to improve my life and treat myself better. Self care has become a big part of my life. I’m sharing some simple ways to be kinder to yourself, as well as some practices and (a few) products I’m loving.

  1. Develop a Skincare Routine: I’m embarrassed quite frankly to admit I’ve struggled with acne for years but have failed to do anything about it. I’ve been testing out a few simple products recently, and although I can’t speak on their behalf yet, most are from Glossier. You’ll most definitely be getting an Instagram Stories update once I’ve used them a bit longer (so far I’m impressed!)
  2. Minimize: the clutter, the toxic people, the time spent scrolling. You get the idea.
  3. Find a helpful read: I’m such a bookworm. I’m currently diving into this book by Erin Loechner and it’s been life altering.
  4. Make Time for What You Love: Months went by without me reading a single book or scribbling a single word in my journal. It was miserable. Make time for those things that make you lose track of time.
  5. Get Your Nightime Routine Together: Mine looks pretty simple now a days. Meditation with Headspace app, phone off, skincare + brushing my teeth, then sleep. I absolutely adore the Headspace app, and it isn’t anything “too out there”. It more so focusing on your breathing and accepting your thoughts as they are instead of fighting them. After using the app, I’m able to fall asleep within 30 minutes which is a huge deal for me!
  6. Use Coconut Oil: Removes makeup, can be used as an in shower skin moisturizer + shaving cream, and the list goes on.
  7. Write a Letter: Do you hate talking on the phone and text messages stress you out like they do to me? Put pen to paper and write an old fashion note. My friend Faith makes the prettiest cards and stationary. You can check out her shop here.
  8. Prep For The Week Ahead: plain and simple. Set out your outfits, meal prep or get organized. Whatever it takes to make you feel a bit more calm the night before going back to work.
  9. Make a Healthy Snack Basket: I love keeping healthy snacks on our counter that we can grab + go. My basket is from Anthropologie and you can shop it here.
  10. Say NO: to the overscheduling, people pleasing, and overcommitting. It’s time to break up with it.
  11. Give Yourself No Makeup/No Heat Styling Days: it’s good for your skin, hair and your soul!
  12. It’s Okay to Have a Weekend with NO PLANS: This used to create such a sense of anxiousness for me but I’ve learned weekends with no plans end up being the best weekends. I now crave the care free feeling of a weekend with no commitments!
  13. Make Your Space a Happy One: for me plants=happy. The best feeling is hanging our fern plants on our porch in the spring. You will never spot our place without at least one succulent. Find what makes you happy + add it to your home! Side note: what you add doesn’t need to cost a ton of money.
  14. Add Kombucha to Your Regimen: aids digestion + is a game changer!
  15. Find Your Happy Place: a coffee shop, nearby park, or your cozy reading nook. I’m still in search of mine!
  16. Replace Scrolling/Netflix Binging with a Podcast: I’m still new to the podcast scene but I’m loving it so far! Tell me your recommendations in the comments!
  17. It’s All About Balance: your time, your thoughts, your relationships, everything.
  18. Take a Stroll with Your Pup: After some of the most stressful days I’ve had, I would walk it off with Teddy. It’s seriously the best way to clear your head and your dog will appreciate it too!
  19. Schedule Time for Yourself: Do what you love. My me time usually involves a good book, my notebook to scribble thoughts in, re-runs of New girl or a glass of wine. Or all the above! As an introvert (surprising- I know) I love nothing more than time spent alone to recharge.
  20. Create Your Playlists: Nothing is more theraputic than sorting through my Spotify playlists! I have one for every genre. For relaxing, I love Autumnal Acoustic,  Wild + Free, and Happy as Folk playlists (you can search them on Spotify!)

Also a few tidbits to remember:

  • It’s OKAY to NOT BE OKAY
  • You can’t be everything to everyone
  • Progress over perfection
  • Stop focusing on what everyone else is doing- put that energy towards bettering yourself and reaching your goals





8 Responses to 20 Encouraging Tips For Self Care

  1. #4 and #12 are ones to live by! These are awesome things to take into consideration throughout the new year! Hope that you are taking care of yourself, Ashley!

    • lovealwaysashleyj says:

      Thank you McKenzie! I definitely agree with you- thank you so much for reading and hope that you are as well! xx

  2. Girl, I LOVE all these ideas!! I can’t pick my favorite! Although, so happy to hear you’re on the podcast kick because I LOVE me some podcasts 🙂 Let me know if you need recommendations!

    • lovealwaysashleyj says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I’m so happy to hear that this post encouraged you! I would LOVE to hear any recommendations that you would have! xx

  3. lydia says:

    Read this last week, but just had to come back & comment. Really, really loved this post Ashley. All of your tips are ahhmazing for self care! And your tidbits to remember are beyond on point. Thanks for sharing this girl!

    xo, Lydia

    • lovealwaysashleyj says:

      Lydia- I’m so happy that you loved this post girl! Hearing that it impacts your life positively means the world to me! It’s so easy to get off track with making time for yourself so I figured these tips needed to be shared. Thank you for your continued love and support. So thankful for our blogging friendship! xx

  4. Kelsey says:

    Love this post! I definitely have felt the same pressure to iverschedule weekends. I feel if I’m not doing something cool than imI have wasted my time. If you haven’t, you should check out Dirty John for a good can’t-stop-listening podcast. I also really like The Moth. It’s a collection of stories from all over the world. You never know what you’ll get but they’re always so good!

    • lovealwaysashleyj says:

      Thank you so much Kelsey! I’m so happy that this post was relatable for you! I will definitely check out those podcasts and I appreciate the recommendations! xx-Ashley

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