I plan on keeping this up-to-date as I notice that certain questions are getting asked multiple times. Please let me know if there’s anything you want to add. Some are asked via comment or email. Most questions are asked through my instagram.

Q: What type of lashes do you wear in your blog photos? Are they lash extensions?

A: No, I don’t have lash extensions. I have had them before and LOVED them. The downside was the price of the upkeep for them. I just learned how to effectively apply false eyelashes, and wear them in most of my blog photos. If you’re interested they’re linked here and my favorite lash glue here.

Q: What filter/how do you edit your pictures for Instagram?

A: Editing my photos is quite the process! I use the VSCO app and select the HB2 filter. I then use the photo editor app to whiten the background/anything that’s already white. Lastly I adjust the saturation and brightness using Afterlight.

Q: Where do you like to purchase your shoes from?

A: For shoes, I love finding great deals at Target or Old Navy. On occasion, I’ll purchase shoes from Nordstrom or Madewell.

Q: What type of curling iron do you use to curl your hair?

A: I literally laugh at this question every time because I use the cheapest curling iron ever. Last spring, I asked my followers on instagram their opinions on curling irons and a handful of them suggested this one. It’s literally less than $20 and it’s worked like a charm!

Q: What’s your advice for someone who is just starting out with blogging?

A: I was so flattered by this one because I still feel like a beginner and I’m constantly learning new things. My best advice would be to be yourself. There’s so many people out there doing the exact same thing so do your best to stand out. Don’t get too caught up in the numbers game, I’ve fallen into that trap way too many times. Try to establish authentic connections with people, be sincere and leave thoughtful comments on other blogger’s sites/social media pages. Other than that, I’m still learning myself!

Q: Are you still apart of rewardStyle?

A: Yes! I’m still apart of LIKEtoKNOW.it. You may notice that I still link to exact or similar items to what I’m wearing in my blog posts. I’ve chosen not to link my account to my Instagram anymore for the reason that I’d rather people follow me to get to know me and get fashion advice. I don’t want to appear overly “sales-y” and would rather readers be referred to my blog if they’re interested in purchasing what I’m wearing. This is just my personal opinion. And as always, I will send you a link if you DM me on Instagram to ask about an item!